Photo From Risque Disque Records


Anthony Sharkey is a music producer and audio engineer based on Vancouver Island.

At the age of 15, Anthony put together a small recording studio in his bedroom and began recording his own projects as well as any other groups who were interested.

After some years of instruction under producer Jim Blair, Anthony was introduced to Todd Dunsmore of Risque Disque Records (then The Vineyard Studio) who allowed him to sit in as a "runner" on some sessions coming through the studio.

Over the years, Anthony's role grew from runner to assistant to engineer until 2015 when he was given the title of Studio Manager and Head Engineer.

After working for Risque Disque Records for a number of years, Anthony decided it was time to branch out on his own and TBM Audio Services was born.

Since embarking on a freelance career, Anthony has worked with such artists as Chris Andres, Under The Mountain, Arbutus Roots, Vogue Villains and more.

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